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Naming Ceremonies
Renewing Marriage Vows
Commitment Ceremony
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Naming Ceremonies
Why should babies have all the fun ?
Celebrate with family and friends and make your name unique to you!!
Naming Ceremonies from $250 + travel if required.
Renew Your Wedding Vows


Can you think of a better way to celebrate your

significant wedding anniversary ? 

Renew your vows and let the kids do the readings and maybe even a sand ceremony to unite the newer members of your (probably) extended family.

Ceremonies from $250 + travel if required.
Commitment Ceremonies

Many couples choose a Commitment Ceremony over a Marriage Ceremony for many reasons. I really enjoy the flexibility and relaxed atmosphere of the Commitment Ceremony. This is a meaningful and sincere way to publicly demonstrate your love with family and friends.

Commitment Ceremonies from $250 + travel if required.
Saying Your Goodbyes
When it's time to say your private goodbyes, I will help you make it personal and significant.
Funeral Ceremonies from $350 + travel if required.
Celebrate Your Day . . . Your Way